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BMW V12 in a 240Z.. can it be done?

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Thanks guys for all your thoughts and advice. I was up all last night going over my build sheet for the 100th time and I’m going off of my chats with my bud with the Hellcat build in Canada for dimens

If you like European their a few of us here that have swapped in the BMW S54  ///M engine,  only slightly heavier than the stock engine, 343 HP in stock configuration and some guys have pushed them in

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You should go a lil easier considering this is your 1st post.

The swap since then has been done.

BMW's arent even close to sucking.


That guy in the link is a member here by the way.

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I was going to do this a couple race cars ago. The BMW motor would be lighter, but like the Jag the intakes bump into the shock towers with any kind of reasonable air cleaner tract. I was going to go custom manifold in that regard, and put a Supra 6 spd Tremec tranny behind it. Decided college for the kids was more important. Do it, and send us the pics!

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I Googled this question and this thread popped up 1st. after 18 yrs so figured I’d give it a go here. 

I’m dropping a FF V12 Ferrari turbo in a Datsun 260z (on YouTube there’s the “Hell-Z” project going on its 3rd year) where a guy is putting in a hellcat into a 240z (it was perfectly finished and numbers matching and tore the doors off it to make it a racer. (Yes I cried) but got to know him via many DM and eventually phone calls as he’s in Canada.. My first car at age 15 was a 260Z and after seeing this HellZ. I decided to try to one up him but one (mine) is a steer car/daily driver/show car. Not meant for the track and will have a 2020 inspired leather interior in it. My budget is $150K The latest engine ive found (with full harness and ECU) is a 2014 V-12 with 8,500 miles in a crate guaranteed to be running. But he won’t give me the measurements- so I’ll keep researching but I’m doing a total frame off rotisserie restomod and the first thing to go in after media. Blast and powdercoat is a massive subframe from front to rear as Z cars don’t really have a frame per se. I watched the Hell-Z frame being built and the  engine cross members put in and think it’ll suit his needs but I’m gonna step it up. He’s dropped $12K in just rear suspension and $6K in the front. The company is out of WI and this is their first prototype so I’m unsure if I’ll go that route. Then there’s trans and rear end? (which in the Hell is easier but on a Ferrari? Now I’m getting really nervous) plus putting a customized AMG 2door body kit on it. It’ll basically look like a 2020 260Z if they carried on making it today (in my head at least lol) (BTW to the original poster. Dunno golf you ever did this project but I TzhINK the 260z is 13” longer in the engine bay vs the 240z. I also may have that confused with the 280Z vs 260Z as they had to make room for the turbos in the 280). I hate the /80ZX body agd saving the 240Z for a factory resto. But the 260z is to relive my childhood) midlife crises I guess ;) My reason for writing is V12 sizes and weights and performance have really improved over the 18 yrs since this was first posted. My Q now is does anyone have a different V12 (2012 or newer) in mind (non-Chevy. Sorry). Too many ppl do 350LT’s) amd wanna be VERY different- anyway can anyone suggest another mfg and  suggest a reputable sources? There’s dozens on V12’s on eBay for sale but ppl have just pulled them out of a junkyard wrecks and looking to flip it for $35k - whereas I need a fully rebuilt functional

motor with full wiring harness and ECU box. The wiring on this is gonna be a nightmare esp if I opt for the on w/ twin turbos. I’m also curious about the best way to box in the engine bay? I’ve seen some that have hardly anything showing as everything is hidden behind like a 1” sub-wall panel and it looks amazing. I’m gonna slot the hood with 2 glass slots where the Ferrari’ headers are to give ppl a sneak peek. (Like a full glass rear engine but not that big. Just the red headers ahd machined “Ferrari”. But want that wow factor when I pop the hood open at a show? Chrome the bay? Naw. Thoughts? (Bedside that I’m crazy?) 





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FYI - the important dimensions of all S30s are the exact same. There will be some minor differences, but the engine bay size of a 240Z, 260Z, and 280Z are the same. 280Zs never had turbos. That didn't come until the 280ZX, which is a completely different car. 


More people have installed the Apex kits now since that series started, but there still haven't been a ton of reviews involving usage. 


The Toyota 1GZ was produced until 2016 and is essentially two 1JZs stuck together. It doesn't quite have the panache that a Ferrari engine would, but they're significantly cheaper, and any shop that works on JZs should be able to handle a rebuild. 

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If your budget is 150k, then why are you asking us? Ask the fab shop that is going to be doing 100% of the work.


If you want the "Wow factor" of a V12, and something to make it special, go get the M120 V12 out of an S600 and straight pipe the thing. People have made them sound like Zonda's.



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Sure you can do it, anything is possible but how much does this V12 weight?  That would be my biggest concern even with an additional frame built within the unibody.  Even with the stiffest springs the front to back weight ratio is going to be way off, you'll be plowing into each corner, the rear end will be light.

It might look and sound very cool but I can't imagine it will be a great driving car.

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