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CuDi - 1976 280z

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Hey Guys! 


My name is Chapin, and im a 19 year old collision repair and refinishing student from Iowa!

I was going to post in the new members, but i will be posting updates and photos as i go, Im also looking for input from experienced members!


I purchased a 1976 Datsun 280z recently. I haved always loved the s30 body lines and decided to find one that i could rescue. 

The car needs plenty of body work but im not concerned, it still has a reasonable paint job but being that it was driven for several years in Minnesota it will need a touch of rust repair or replacement.


The motor was stripped of the factory fuel injection, (I assume the owner ran into problems) and installed was a Holley 390 4 Barrel and Arizona z car intake.  Ive had some time trying to figure out the carb, but with some help ive got the car up and running with a slight timing issue.


One question is:  Im not sure what route is the best in this situation, my ultimate goal is to restore and also build a classic car.  And im looking into all sorts of motor swaps. basically my thoughts are


* Rebuild with triple weber carbs

* sr20

* later zx turbo motor

* buy an l28/rebuild


I just wanted to say Hey! and let you know that im anxious to learn! Im also open to some paint color ideas :) im sure i havent thought of every color! but right now im leaning towards the Emerald Green Metallic





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