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remote oil filter help needed

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I've got a GM 350 in my late 74 260z.  the oil filter sits right on top of the frame rail and a real chore to change.


what do you suggest for a remote filter assembly and where to put it?





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What kind of 350 are you running? Or what style of mounts are you running that the filter is sitting on top of the frame rail? I've never heard of this problem before. 



Either way you can just buy one and fit it where ever you see fit. GM performance made one I think. Rock auto has a reproduction/knock off of this last time I checked.

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Zinpieces  thanks for posting the clear pictures of the oil filter relocation.

Its always rather amazing to me when I find guys who have for decades been forced to temporarily remove sone component like the headers to allow access to remove an oil filter during and oil change when theres been the readily available option to mount a remote mount single or dual oil filter in a far easier ro access location, and the obvious option of adding an oil cooler or dual flow oil cooler and transmission fluid cooler.

 a little careful meassuring and thinking things through, and some careful shopping for adapters will generally allow you to relocate the oil filter and use a significantly longer and/or larger oil filter than could originally be installed, thus reducing the restriction to oil flow by significantly increasing the area of the filter medium surface,and adding a couple magnets to the instalation will generally help trap metalic debris 

SmCo Samarium Cobalt Disc Magnets


High Temp Samarium SmCo Cobalt Magnet Discs
572°F Maximum Operating Temperatu

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