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Muffler Suggestions

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Hi All,


Now that my car is road worthy and I'm starting to use it on a consistent basis, I've noticed that the muffler I chose for my exhaust is really far to droany for my taste and I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for mufflers that sound good but dont make you hate life with your RB swap. for reference, I'm running an rb25 with a t3/t4 turbo, internal wastegate with a 2.5" v-band down pipe connector.


I made the entire exhaust myself, v banded in 3 places, 2.5" from the turbo back with a single Thrush chambered muffler (flowmaster 40 ripoff) in the stock location. I've included a picture from when it was mocked up as the black coating makes pictures lack luster in the final installation. I chose that muffler since it fit really well in the stock location, i fear getting a longer one wouldn't work out due to proximity to the left rear wheel. 


So, what are you guys running and how do you like it?



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If you just want to take the drone out, you need a glasspack or resonator somewhere under the car. 

Yea, I like the tone, its just the in cabin noise thats getting me. I figured replacing a large portion of my mid pipe with a 24" glasspack might help a bit. Thing is, I had a 240sx with an rb20 and LESS muffler then this thing, and it sounded great and was almost stock level quiet. it just had a 2.5" pipe all the way back to a run of the mill ricer muffler. No extra resonators or anything like that. 

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Im running a quick time racing muffler, its oval, only drones slightly but its because the mount it too solid. though I'm not too sure if I like it. Its a bit too quiet for my tastes, I'll see how it goes when I get a tune next week. I originally wanted a greddy RS but they were on world wide backorder for months.

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I have the Borla XR-1 3" in out round style.


I got it after hearing this


I don't run a cat, and I don't have drone from what I can tell.


That pipe is similar to what I had on my 240zx with the rb20. and I never had these kinds of issues with tone on it. maybe I should go that route instead....


I took it for a drive in the mountains this weekend, the cruise back on the highway was miserable, got home and my ears had that "just was at a rock concert" style muffle.... haha

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I have a 24" resonator coming that I'll be adding to the mid pipe. I'll do a before after video. Another part of this is probably my engine mounts. CXRacing mounts, that aren't quite solid, but have very little bushing to reduce vibration getting to the chassis. I guess I'll see what the resonator does. 


Thanks for all the suggestions folks!

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So, the 24" resonator and now a Thrush turbo muffler.... still super buffety at cruising speeds. WAY better then the two chamber, but way louder then my S13 was.... my just be insulation and the fact that the s13 had a back seat too. 


anyway, the solid mount I have on the diff cross member for a hanger location is going to get a rubber isolator next, hopefully that helps a bit. 

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Here's my exhaust vids:

Rb25det - td05h 18g - 10cm housing.

3" exhaust - vibrant 3" ultra quiet resonator - 3" magnaflow muffler.



comments: Very very quiet. Between turbo and 2 mufflers this is not loud even with the 3" pipe. It does however have a touch of drone/resonance. It was much much worse before the tailpipe extended past the body. I put a tip on and it's fairly managable. Could also be a touch loud since i don't have any rear interior stuff in yet. Also the rear rubber isolator is tiny. Probably need to replace that.

Tone is very smooth. Nice mellow and low tone. Even when hard on it, still pretty quiet. You hear the turbo air rushing sound much much more. even the bypass valve is loudish and it's re-circ'd back in.


Here is the exact same car, but now with the muffler removed:


comments: more burble for sure. twice as loud overall. I like the extra bark (higher tones) when on the throttle.


I'm torn for now what to do. Plan is to get a lot more miles on both the mufflers. These have seen less than 3hrs driving time. Wait to see if they open up. I have a dynomax superturbo on another daily car (honda) and it was beautifully nice and quiet for the first 2-3 weeks. Months later it 'opened' up a ton and is now twice as loud.


So we'll drive it more next spring and see how it sounds then. With both mufflers it's certainly more a sleeper, though it's readily apparent it has a turbo when the exhaust is so quiet.


Let me know your thoughts!

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