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2002 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V , with QR25DE14 and a 6 spd tran. 110k miles. Besides oxidizing paint it appears to be in great shape.

$3500 a good deal. It's at the auction house. And will be returning tomorrow to pick up a different car. And on the fence weather to pick that one up also. Any suggestions/opinions would be appreciated.




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KBB says value in very good condition $2,800 with 110k miles.


Make sure it doesnt have any codes in the sysem if you can.. 2.5l have cat converter issues around that mileage...


Cam and crank sensor recall, Ecm reprogram recall, Foam removal from the ecm case recall..  


If you get the vin you can find which recalls apply to the car, They may have already been performed also.


Im a Nissan Tech so just giving you info on that engine.

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If the car pictured is being sold as a 2002, then thats not a 2002...looks 2005? Most of the same issues listed above though still apply.


Otherwise though, the 2002 SER Spec-V was a fun car. Helical LSD with a fairly torquey 4 cylinder? That thing was a blast. My spare tire wheel rusted out after 8 years though, the headgasket went after 80k miles, AC never worked, and burned a quart of oil a month after 100k .


On a plus note: the wheels are 4 x 114.3...which means the brake rotors are the same pattern...and the brakes on that car were pretty good. Always wondered if a brake conversion could be possible on an S30.

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