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Brake pads are very sensitive to the designed temperature range.  And the temperature your brakes generate is dependent on many things obviously, but rotor/caliper combination is the hardest to predict.  For AutoX I have seen some guys running some really lightweight stuff to reduce unsprung weight. I will assume they run a higher temp pad for this.  But still you need something that develops close to max friction when cold. For track, cold temps are not an issue after 1\2 a lap. But finding the right temp match to pad is not easy if you are running aftermarket or custom setups. I recommend using a temp paint on the rotor to see where you are at and then choosing a pad compound to match. Then you can play with different suppliers to fine tune over time, but it shouldn't affect your times drastically.  

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I don't have a single critical comment. The car is great!

I'm more excited to see people come out and have a good time! As my project shows, these cars are always evolving, so you gotta take time and smell the race gas.

Just cooked the pads and got some serious heat into the system. No brake cooling to speak of, which with wheels this small and wide is a real problem. The pedal felt alright, but the brake feel just d

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Back to the DTC-30's this weekend and I was happy again. MUCH more affirmative brake feel compared to the HPS pad. A little brake drag on the way to the line and they were good to go. Got some more big upgrades planned, so doing some brake temp paint/strips is a good plan. 


This weekend was the SCCA National Tour stop at Packwood. Probably the last major event I'll go to this year, which is a real disappointment as we were planning to make a few trips to California, as well as Lincoln for the big show. Oh well. Car did well, by Sunday I had knocked off most of the rust from sitting around all year and a few of the bad habits learned at the track. Saturday was a mess and my mental state meant wasn't up to par, so I finished down in 6th for the weekend. Hope y'all enjoy this video from Sunday!



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