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Strut Customization - Bilstein Coilover Options

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Hello all. I'm currently looking at the potential of using Bilstein 34-030936 B6 HD Struts in a coilover conversion (77' 280z). This strut is designed to fit a 94-98 SAAB 900, various models. I have searched and read as much as I can on this site regarding this mod. This option was mentioned by Justin Olson (thread/post) but it doesn't appear that a great deal of research was actually put into this particular strut as Justin chose to go with the 3000GT option. According to Justin and other related posts, these Bilstein struts (36mm) have the following specs:


Bilstein 34-030936 (formerly PE3-3093-H0):

     Body Length: 13.75"

     Compressed Length: 14.75"

     Extended Length: 20.50"

     Stroke: 5.75"

     Damping (rebound/compression): 230/60


It appear this would be a relatively good match to the Z with springs in the neighborhood of 250 lb/in but obviously a re-valve would be required for optimum performance. I'd greatly appreciate any inputs/thoughts you have on this mod or this strut specifically. Does anyone know if the upper mounting diameter is the common Bilstein 14mm? I'm planning to use Ground Control Camber/Caster plates.

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