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240z/280z BC Coilover Conversion

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Going to share what it takes to install these things.

I did a coilover conversion on a 280z using BC Coilovers


1st step was getting the gland nut off. Just tacked some round solid stock to gland nut the smacked it with a hammer to unscrew it.


2nd step was removing and draining the old strut cartridges.


3rd step was measuring where to cut strut tubes and cutting it up. Most of the cutting was done with a cut off wheel then finished last little bit with a hack saw.


4th step was cleaning up, deburring and prepping area for welding.

Should look something like the picture.


More pics and final steps coming soon.










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Oops, yeah forgot to add that picture. I did it at 1-3/4" up, you can probably go slightly higher or lower. It just helps locate coilover on knuckle.

Also this process is not for beginners. Modifying, cutting and welding on suspension components should be done by a professional...like me.






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Thanks.  I was thinking of sectioning actually, not dropping the BC tube over a stub.  My mistake.  Nice work.

lol yeah no worries, I will also do a write up on the sectioning type. Here is a preview pic.

Also I cant give all the secrets, please keep in mind its how I make a living. So I wont go into what filler material is used and what few other special steps are taken to ensure a strong weld. After all if something goes wrong peoples lives can be in danger!!! Anyway enjoy some general info picture browsing and general time wasting on my posts.


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People care this much? I just cut straight through everything 1.75" up. I didnt give a shit about the inserts as they were old and mangy anyways. Just stuck the entire thing in the band saw and let it rip. Perfect cuts, smoothed the cuts with sandpaper, cleaned the area with brakleen, slid the collars over and welded it up!

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