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Chris Duncan

Honda V6 Swap

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Is this thread still open. I have a j32a1 in an Acura tl. Also they made Acura j-series 6 speed in the type-s models, fwd of course but easy flywheel source. Haha come to think of it I have a 5 speed h series accord around here too. I agree these motors are bulletproof. Without noticing I once put a hole in the oil pan of my accord sliding into a ditch. After a walk, a pull, red lining it reverse, driving 3 miles home, and leaving it idle in my driveway for 10 minutes while I changed; I noticed the dummy light on and killed the ignition. There was not a single drop of oil in the pan or even on my driveway and I had bounced that thing off the Rev limiter (7,200 rpm) for at least 10 sec getting unstuck. The next day I threw some jb weld on it and filled it up with fresh oil and to my knowledge it's still running fine. Honestly I credit Lucas oil stabilizer and that H on the bumper for that ;) So glad to see a novel idea and these engines getting some credit. They can't be that bad if they put them in the supercar that changed supercars, the NSX.

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