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Steve, that adapter has the control arm attachment points too. I bet it wouldn't be too hard to adapt that in and get the whole Miata front suspension. They have a shock tower that is very similar to our shock tower. Having spent a good deal of time under both I think the Z tower is taller, so might be able to run a longer bodied shock or cut the Z tower out completely and make a tower that fits the Miata shock.

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Week before track day first start up. Huge vacuum leak from the EGR passages, apparently when you flip the lower intake it opens up the passage, had to tap the plenum and put a pipe plug. The EGR will be re routed externally. A bad main EFI relay from the 200K mile parts car kept the fuel pump from running at first.


Night before the track day, drove it for the first time, no windshield or hood at 10pm (wearing goggles) (the dash wiring is easier with the windshield out). Only minor problems, a seeping brake line from where they were re-routed and a rad hose seep. The RPM Systems modded stock ECU works normal with no limp mode (big sigh of relief).


Drove 1.5 hrs to the track, did a track day and drove back, no problems. It's not an LS1 but it's still scary fast and seems to be less nose heavy than the stock setup. Wider powerband, way more torque, better gas mileage due to the VTEC. Pulls hard all the way to the rev limiter (which will take some getting used to). Haven't had time to set up an electric fan, it got up to 200F but didn't overheat in stop and go traffic up a long hill (low 90's ambient). It seems to cool a lot better maybe due to the aluminum block.


About 8 months working part time and approx $1500


Don't know if I'll ever do a kit, it would take another year or so of development. May just write up the plans and a how-to. Will do a more complete post and parts list when there's time. It's already tempting to step up to the J32 and that might be more desirable as a kit. The J30 was just chosen because of the race series the car runs. The J30's are down to $100 at some wrecking yards.


Now I have to name the thing. Datsun J30Z? Datsun 300HZ? Datsun V-TEC-Z?


I have a Honda Odyssey and a 280zx Chumpcar.....hmmmm


Do you think my wife would noticed If I swapped engines?

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Is this thread still open. I have a j32a1 in an Acura tl. Also they made Acura j-series 6 speed in the type-s models, fwd of course but easy flywheel source. Haha come to think of it I have a 5 speed h series accord around here too. I agree these motors are bulletproof. Without noticing I once put a hole in the oil pan of my accord sliding into a ditch. After a walk, a pull, red lining it reverse, driving 3 miles home, and leaving it idle in my driveway for 10 minutes while I changed; I noticed the dummy light on and killed the ignition. There was not a single drop of oil in the pan or even on my driveway and I had bounced that thing off the Rev limiter (7,200 rpm) for at least 10 sec getting unstuck. The next day I threw some jb weld on it and filled it up with fresh oil and to my knowledge it's still running fine. Honestly I credit Lucas oil stabilizer and that H on the bumper for that ;) So glad to see a novel idea and these engines getting some credit. They can't be that bad if they put them in the supercar that changed supercars, the NSX.

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I'm writing because I will like to have more information on ideas of how you made this process onthe Honda series swap.  I'm on the process of making one with a Lotus that looks kind of the same as your project  with the difference that the motor is at the middle (mid engine). I will like to know if you have pictures or any idea of how I can do the process . How you adapt the adaptor plate for the motor? Also, I'm planning to use Lotus transmition, and a v6 fly wheel I notice that you use the v4 instead. 

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