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What to do with ugly body kit bumper-muffler-hole

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My car came with a body kit that's not half bad, but the kit has got to have the ugliest muffler-hole (what's a proper name for this?) ever made (and muffler tip too but that i know how to fix)...


I need suggestions on how i can fix this both on a "what would look good" level, but also on a "how to fabricate it" (basic ideas, not detailed instructions".

I'm thinking is a proper straight muffler tip, not some ugly limp-d*** look for starters, but i'm stuck for the bumper.

I thought maybe a black plastic cover with a smaller half circle hugging the muffler tip, but it'd be way too big an insert, i think it would look funny....

Ideas, anyone? Picts if you've seen people doing nice things, if you have them..




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Hi giys. Thanks for the replies.

I'd thought of side by side pipes, but the issue is i have no budget for anything, including replacing a fully functional muffler..

That said, i could fab a y and then two exhaust tips but i'd feel like a poser.... One of the ricer guys with a 4 inch tip stuck on a 1 1/2 pipe....

Although, i have to say the photo that evoog posted looks mighty fine. Much, much better than i thought it would.

Evoog is that yours? What diameter are the individual tips?

So that is one good looking solution.

Anyone else has any other ideas? Any creative stuff to make the hole look smaller?


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that is interesting...  what did you end up doing with the bumper? kept it like that or modded it more?  


a bumper like that one is at least symmetrical and an insert could be made the whole width.  Mine's bottom is slanted, it looks weird.  looks like it droops...


nice idea...

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