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S30 track car / HR swap

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I think my bill with Jim was around $5000 all in.

But that included everything.  Full longblock with all accessories, engine, trans, computer, wire harness, throttle and the computer and wire harness hacks to make it all work.


Definitely worth it.


The tranny he sent was damaged in shipping and he sent another.

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6 hours ago, Leon said:

Really enjoyed the write up in this month's issue of NASA Speed News, great work Tom!




Yea!!  Thanks Leon.  They really did a great article.  I thought it was going to be one single paragraph but dang!

Bret Becker was the author, great dude.  He told me there are so many M3s and Corvettes in NASA they are stoked to see something different and unique.


Heading to Chuckwalla this weekend 2-17-18 and 2-18-18 for another NASA race.


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Agreed, it's been really fun to see you develop this car as well as run it with NASA. That's what those race classes are all about, pick a chassis and have fun with it instead of "last year's winner drove an M3 so I'm building an M3".


I run TT (not in a Z, I'm not brave enough) with NASA but looking to get into W2W, if not this year then 2019. Hoping to also run the 25 Hour next year...


Good luck in Chuckwalla!

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