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Junkyard 6.0 test passes

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After my built engine let go last year, I threatened to part the car out and go back to the 2JZ...well I decided to stay with the LS platform and give it a little more time.

I scavenged what I could from my destroyed built motor (ARP studs, rockers, PAC 1519 springs, melling oil pump, and metal head gaskets).

I picked up a junkyard 6.0 from an 05 Yukon that had an engine fire. I pulled the heads off to have them cleaned and valves reseated. The bottom end looked clean, so I didn't touch it. I reused the metal head gaskets and sprayed them with copper spray, installed the 317 heads with the PAC springs and trunioned rockers and reused my head studs. I did install a Speed Inc TU1.5 cam, but left stock lifters and pushrods. After chasing gremlins all summer, I finally found a group of ground wires that I had overlooked and stumbled upon last week. So after connecting them, I went to the track last weekend to see how it ran...

It was a cold day, and traction just wasn't there, but I just wanted it to finally run a clean pass...

I made 4 passes, the best being 9.3 @ 152, the worst pass 9.9 @ 151 shown here at 8:20 in the video take there




Overall, pretty happy with the ole junkyard engine. You can see a little bit of smoke from the left rear tire rubbing, and I threw the alternator belt on the last pass, so I suppose it is time for a billet tensioner. Track is closing for the winter, so I can make some adjustments over the winter and get back at it in the spring :-)



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I have some boost control issues... that's one of the things I have to address...

With the dump closed and running full exhaust, the boost stays steady at 11psi

With dump open, boost creeps until it reaches 20 psi...the boost creep is something I need to address. That's part of the reason it leaves so soft and comes on hard the second half of the track...It picked up 35 mph going from 116 mph at the 1/8 to 151 in the 1/4...

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That ams unit looks trick. I don't know you knowledge of the ms3 system, but I'd be willing to help you through data logs/discussion on setting up the boost control. I've been involved with megasquirts upgrades for quite some time and was involved with getting the current boost control where it is today. Both my 2j and LS project run on Pro and have helped tune my buddies 1j project and another friends turbo LS sand rail

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Thanks Richard :-) nicely said...


Jeff, I do miss being in Fl right now..,that's for sure...

I chose to go with the Megasquirt as I needed to do a new harness anyway, and the end user software is pretty impressive. It has way more features than I could ever use. It's also nice to be able to bounce data and ideas off of another user that has a similar setup (Scottie)

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