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CXRacing 1973 240z Rebuild 2JZ RB25 LS1

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Hello everyone, i want to start off by saying that this thread will not be used as a vendor account and will not be offering any sales, coupon codes or opinions about the products we represent. The whole purpose of this thread will be to document the on-going rebuild project we just begun with our 1973 Datsun and showcasing different engine mock-ups until we figure out which engine we will actually run in the vehicle. Any sales or product related issues or questions can be handled by calling CXRacing directly.



We've had this car in our possesion for about 3 years now and mainly used it to mock up different swaps and test fit parts but now we have plans to pretty much rebuild it and put one of our engines in.






1973 240z


no engine





CXRacing coilovers

Konig Rewinds 16x7


so far we've already stripped most of the interiorr, exterior trims and glass. we're going to send out all trims to get re-chromed. We started the body work already but there's still a long way to go.











you can  just how bad the rust is in the drive side floor board, we plan to cut it all out and reinforce what we can and weld in new sheet metal. the passengerside is worse, you can actually see through the floor itself.






Heres's a shot of the passenger side, this is worst of teh rust that we could find on the. I'm going to put the car back on the lift after we finish doing some more of the body work so i can see how much rust is under the car, i don't remember there being much but i want to double check anyways so i can get started cutting everything out.





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when we got the car a lot of the interior had already been taken off, this is all that interior we have for the car most of which is broken. i'll be looking to replace a lot of the broken bits, we might have the seats sent out to getr reupholstered but i'm not sure just yet if we're going to do that or maybe throw in some new seats. Recaro? Sparco? idk. i like the steering wheel but i don't know if it would hold up much longer, i need to check to make sure it's still solid and not separating.








I'm currently looking for a replacment dash and center consol, everytime i look at the dash I think of El Mirage.









i already have someone starting on the body work, he didn't find any major rust on the fenders or quarter panels but there is a lot of surface rust thoughout the car however nothing worse then the driver and passenger side floor boards.








i didn't take pictures of some of the dents the car had but a while back one of my coworkers was moving around some of our mock up cars and accidentally let one of our camaros roll into the driver side door. it wasn't too bad. it amazingly popped out but left the door wavy so i had him pull it out as best then he just filled in the rest.







the rear passenger corner was the only other area that had a major dent, we bought the car like this so i'm not sure what exactly happened, i'm just glad it was able to get repaired without having to cut it out and do more metal work.






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we've been a little busy at work with a few other projects and have making an SR20 swap kit for the Z as well. we had a some more body work done to the exterior but won't be sending it off to paint just yet.













i snapped a couple photo's of the undercarriage showing some of the damage which is minimal but we're still going to put in new floor pans.









not also not really sure what to do with the rear end, i think we're going to leave it stock for the time being until we figure it out. we don't plan on making a lot of power but i'd feel more comfortable swapping this out to a z32 diff and axles but a lot of the information i'm seeing is kind of vague on what exactly i need to get.






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we finished making our new sr20 engine mount kit, i thought I'd share them with you guys now rather than wait for the production models to come in later this year. i believe we will be offering both a stock turbo set up and aftermarket turbo set up.



here's a look at our  mock up of our upgraded turbo set up, i don't have any photos of our stock turbo set up yet.









the turbo pictured is a T3 gt35







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i took these photos just before the engine was going to get pulled so it may look like the engine and trans. are a bit crooked.






as you can see here we made an alternator relocation bracket and moved it over to the Driverside, the relocation bracket will be included in the engine mount kit once it is available for purchase.




we had the transmission crossmember made to fit the oem transmission mount instead of making it solid to help reduce some of the vibration and noise.











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its been a few weeks since my last update but we have been getting some more down to the car. after we finished our mock with the new sr20 kit we bought a rotisserie so we could work on the car more easily.










We started stripping everything that was left on the chassis to clean it up some more before we send back out for more body work and paint, we were thinking about possibly doing a Wilwood pedal assembly to clean up the engine bay a little more but we aren't sure if that's what the owner wants to do.









we still had the floor boards to deal with so our fabricator got started cutting everything out to replace them, we plan on re-using the factory seats so he made sure not to cut up the factory rails. here's a couple photos of that process.



























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