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A big thank you - 240 LS Conversion

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She seemed good with the drive and checking the weight.  Got to say I'm pretty lucky because she's supportive of the car hobby/therapy.  She was the first one to mention she weighs 115lbs and I make-up the balance!  Her thought is if I want a faster car I better loose some weight! 

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During the water pump R&R "while I was at it" I installed a TexasSpeed 224 cam, LS7 lifters, LS2 heads, matching springs, retainers, push rods and updated the problimatic LS1 oil pump with a Melling.  My intent was to do my own tuning but ran out of time.  I took it in for a dyno tune - ~340HP at the wheel.  Not too bad for a cobbled car/engine.  I suspect the cam/heads added 60 to 75HP making it a wanna be an LS6 with a slightly larger cam.


Need to get the car on a Dyno and get it tuned.  I'm betting you'll find another 50-70 HP.  My totally stock '98 LS1 dynoed at 311 HP on a single 2.5" exhaust the first time out.  My son's 2000 LS1 came in around 380 HP.

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I believe the turbo vs non-turbo R200s are the same except for gear ratios.  I have a 3.54 ratio which (according to the internet) is from a turbo vehicle.  It didn't have limited slip so I added the Phantom Grip. 


So far it's holding up well after a few 1/4mile runs a day of road racing and multiple burnouts.  I don't have sticky tires or a manual transmission making it more forgiving on the diff.



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The Z31 LSD R200 had a 3.70:1 ratio.

Interestingly the Z32tt had a 3.69:1 R230 while the NA version had an R200 with about a 4:10:1 ratio.

The S130 NA had a 3.90:1 R300 while the 280Z manual had a 3.54:1 R200.. If I remember right the S130 turbo had a 3.54:1 R200.

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Wasn't too happy with the inline fuel pump I orginally installed so I picked up an OEM tank from Craigslist, cut the top out, bought a Tanks, Inc. kit and installed a 400lph in tank pump.  I found a steel utility cover from Grainger, modified it and welded it into the body - if the pump fails I can remove it from the top w/o dropping the tank.  I ran -8 to and from a C5 Corvette filter/regulator. 


Last month I took the car on 2016 PowerTour for a total of 3500+ miles door to door - No problems.  It ran three 1/4mi. passes in BayTown, TX without fuel starve.


I'm really happy with this setup - it's nice and quiet with no fuel starve issues during accelleration, braking or hard cornering. 











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The drone of the Hush Power muffler drove me crazy during long drives so I burned in a Dynomax VT.  The drone went away, now I have a slight slapping noise of a metal damper valve at idle. 


Swapped out the rear control arms to Techno Toys about the same time.   




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Dropped the trans. for a few Sonnax updates and a TCI converter.  Added a heat shield barrier to the trans tunnel and exhaust area to help with the heat soak inside the cabin.  The trans shifts much better...  Quick and firm.  Good uprade, well worth the effort.







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I built this car because of my Dad and the memories I have as a kid.  The car is a '73 - Dad bought it in '74.  As a kid I would ride in the back (sitting straight) and my sister would as passenger up front.  Both my sister and I learned to drive a manual transmission in this car. 


I was able check something off the bucket list this summer - Get my Dad's Datsun running again and spend a few days with him on a road trip.  I picked him up in Texas - we spend 4 days on the first leg of the 2016 Hot Rod Power Tour starting in Lousiana.  We both had a blast. 


During the trip Dad saw his old car do 1/4 mile fun runs in Baytown, TX.  I ran 3 times, ironically staging against 2 different Hellcats on 2 of 3 runs.  Wasn't sure how it would shake out but was pleasanly surprised winning all three races.  The best ET was 12.66.


I clocked 3,500 miles from door to door without troubles.  I was super happy Dad made the trip - we both enjoyed the car together once again.  







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