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Will SDS work with stock TPS 1980ZX?

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If your sticking with the Datsun/Nissan, you need a mid 90's on up tps sensor.. Those are the potentiometer type of sensors.. Your zx sensor is basically an on off switch.


You can make the later style sensor, which most are smaller, attach to the earlier style sensor mounting plate. Just use the early sensor mounting plate. drill the center hole a little bit larger.. grind down the step on center of the plate.. Drill 2 holes in the bracket to attach the later sensor to the earlier bracket you modified..

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Thanks Dexter72  ....I started shoping for a Maxima or Altima TPS and discovered many different sizes and different configurations for connectors,priced anywhere from $25 -$95.   Just knowing mine won"t work helps with the research to install a SDS system before I actually begin.


THX Randy.

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