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83 coupe to 280z front clip swap??

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I'm trying to make my 83 z look much better in the front I absolutely dislike the front of it and really like the way the '78s look with the front grill. Is the front clips interchangeable? Or what are some ways I can make the front of my car look "meaner" thanks :) oh and body kits are something I'm interested in as well

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Forgot to add that no the 78 front end doesn't directly swap over to the 83...anything is possible with enough work but wouldn't be worth it imo. The stock 78 front doesn't even look aggressive until you start modifying it. I removed the front bumper on my '83 and added a couple small things, didn't take much but it definitely looks more aggressive now. Of course all of that is subjective, what think looks "mean" may be completely opposite by your standards, so you should at least start off by googling pictures of 280zx to see what you like and go from there.

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