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Brackets for Z32 brakes on a S30

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I just got mine a few days ago and I'm very impressed with the part. Great job. Have not, and will not be fitting on car for some time but I am waiting to see install on a 240z how many shins I will have to use.

Thanks Gord I'm glad you like them.

I've been pming Joek back and forth. So far it looks like the 240z hubs require a longer bolt (45mm) and two washers. I'm sure he'll chime in when it's sorted out. Once we know for sure what's needed I will send out the bolts and washers to everyone that needs it.

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Yes, I have found that the adapter brackets were designed to be used with 260/280Z hubs. Not a big deal, but it did turn out be a little more than just washers between the caliper and adapter bracket. I had the clearance the caliper a little, but being aluminum, it was pretty easy. But here they are installed. Place a single washer between the caliper and bracket. I used 12x1.25x45mm bolts, with a lock washer between the bolt head and the adapter, to bolt the adapter bracket to the caliper. I found that adding a lock washer behind the 12x1.25x35mm bolt that came with the kit makes it the perfect length to mount the caliper bracket to the spindle ears.


See the pictures and let me know if you have any questions. The last 2 pictures show what needs to be clearance, and the two before them show it clearanced. It's not much, but it rubs on the spindle ear.














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When you look on the Japan auction sites with this "type" of adapter there is two different prices. I never understood why. I just looked them up, and there is something written that says the reason for the difference. The pictures on the two ads one uses the 240z hub and one uses the 260/280 hub. All the other pictures are the same? It states odyssey rotors for the 260/280 hubs, however when I put everything into google translate it states for the smaller hub 240z a r33 gtst type m rotor is used. This rotor is still 296 mm and 30mm wide however I'm guessing that the hat height is different. Which I'm assuming makes up for the difference in thickness of the hubs. I'm in Canada so getting these rotors is fairly easy, I might try eventually to get a worn out rotor off someone for free pay to get it machined and give it a try. But just looking at this it looks like it could work, maybe........

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Well, this is interesting.


I just got my rotors back from my machinist again and he opened up the center bore as required.


When I flipped the adapters and used a washer as JoeK did my pads were offset with a large gap on the outboard pad.




I flipped the adapter back and removed the washer and then I had a large gap on the inboard pad.




So I kept the adapter facing the same way and added the washer back. Ended up about as centered as it's going to get. Eyeballing the pads it looks slightly off but if you judge the center seam of the caliper against the center of the rotor it is right on.





My calipers may be off of a different year Z, so that might make the difference here.


Just need to make a new hardline and we're good to go! Fills out the 15" wheels nicely, don't think 14" wheels would clear the caliper. There is just enough room to use sticky weights on the wheels without them hitting the caliper.

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I'm believe you only have to align the seam on the caliper with the center of the rotor. The pads can easily be off center. It looks like you are close enough.


Right, if the pads are aligned correctly and the pistons are evenly compressed then the seam of the caliper should match the offset between the pads but its easier to just look at the seam. I wonder if my car got 280Z hubs at some point in its life or if it's in the calipers. Either way it was a simple install with the adapters.

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I just competed this conversion on my 260Z with these brackets and oddly found that I actually needed to add 7mm of spacing between the bracket and the strut to centre the caliper on the rotor. See pic (spacer is blue).


Not a big deal and all is now good, but just interesting that this has not been described by anyone above. I just thought I should mention it here in case anyone else encounters this.


It is probably the rotor hat thickness as the rotor seems to be very close to the strut.




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