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What EMS system to use for RB26DETT

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Building an R34 RB26DETT with an NEO R34 Transmission to put in my 1972 Nissan Fairlady 240Z.  I am not a car guru or anything like that, I just trust the technical information in this forum. Can some one suggest what EMS system to use. I've been considering buying the APEXI Power FC, it has a corded controller to program engine performance. Haltech and others need a computer hookup and software to program. I don't know what information I need to supply about the engine upgrades to make this determination. New Tomei Turbos 8260's, Okeida Plasma coil Packs, 800cc injectors, 1mm oversized valves, Nismo N1 crankshaft, Tomei exhaust manifolds and dump pipes, 90mm throttle body, New Intake, Fuel rails, Bosch high flow fuel pumps X2, looking to get between 5-600 horsepower. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. 

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Buy a cheap used  Laptop that is loaded with WinXP ( or Win7 ).  Price = Free to $100. You don't need a fancy Laptop. Just about anything within the last 10 years will run Tuning Programs just fine.


Any decent system requires a Laptop to tune IMHO. You can do so much more with a Laptop than a corded Programmer. Much better for Data Logging as well.

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