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hooking up stock 280zx knock sensor to megasquirt

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Hi all, I know old post but can't find anything newer with any answers. 


Anyone ever figure this out? I tried connecting the stock  zx sensor to my MS2 and followed the wiring instructions but had no luck getting it to work. I have one wire going to MS2 grounding point the other going in on the tan/green SPR3 input. These are the instructions I used from the hardware manual. Analogue inputs The JS4, JS5 connections on the MS2 card can be used as 0-5V analogue inputs. Parts required. One 1k 1/8W (or 1/4W) resistor, one 0.22uF 10V ceramic capacitor. Solder into proto area.Run jumper wire to JS4 or JS5 (your choice.) Run jumper wire to SPR3 or SPR4 (your choice.) Analogue options: MAF, 2nd O2 sensor, Baro sensor, misc sensor. Input pin name Processor (DIP40) pin number Note JS4/AD7 30 Analogue input or digital input JS5/AD6 29 Analogue input or digital input When used for a misc analogue sensor input, JS5 is datalogged as ADC6 on a scale of 0-1023 points and JS4 is datalogged as ADC7. See the TunerStudio manual for more detail




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