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Setting Motor Back near Fire Wall

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Hello Men,

 It's been a while but I am back in the game with my 29th-32nd Z car.

I was looking around and found a pic of John Coffey's 240z with the motor set back as close to the fire wall as it can be.






I am considering doing this but have a few questions.

Is is worth it for a really hot street car?

Will I have fitment issues with a turbo L28ET motor?

Any pics of motor and trans mount mods?

Shifter will obviously be moved back. But can it be modded to come through the sma\\ame hole in the console?

Any other pit falls or better ways to do it?


Driving experience?  I want to know if I am wasting my time or is it really gonna be worth it?


Doing the work is no big deal for me. Just want to get as much info before I do. 

Any and all help is Greatly appreciated!




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Not worth it for a street car.


You have to make engine and trans mounts, cut the floor pan under the gas pedal for header clearance, modify the steering rack mount (if you lower the engine), shorten the driveshaft, make new radiator hose, and modify the throttle linkage.

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OK. I say "street car" but I live and drive at Deals Gap so not many other streets quite like that.

  I was thinking of doing it to a car that needs floors and frame rails anyway and I will make all those myself.


Linkage and hoses and drive shaft is a breeze.  


How far can the motor be lowered? maybe 2" or so?


How about the drive?  What can I expect?


Thanks for the replies

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