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L28 with N42 head, L26 parts motor w decked E88 280z stub axles

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L28 with a N42 head removed from an ITS race car. 163psi to 167psi compression on all cylinders. Sounded like it had a mild cam but I know no details about the motor except I do know it has a blanced rotating assembly.

The other motor is a balanced L26 but has some rusty spots on the cylinder walls.

E88 head that has been decked .080"

SU carbs, were running in the ITS motor but I'd say could use a rebuild or good tuning.

240z CV shafts with bolts.

280z half shaft / axles the part that bolts through the hub that the wheel bolts to.

I had a guy come listen to the ITS motor running on the engine stand and he was supposed to come buy all this stuff and after took the motor off the stand and got all the other parts together and loaded on a palet, he became a douche bag and never came and got it all. So anyway I'll try and sell it all again.

I'll sell everything listed for $700.(that's what he and I agreed to.)

L28 with N42 head another good front cover BC the one on it it corroded pretty bad, and L26 parts motor and E88 head $500 OBO

240z CV axles with 280z stub shafts, I can remove them from the hub for shipping. $150 OBO

SU carbs in as is condition with manifolds and linkages $200


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