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I run a speed/customs shop in SLC, UT I have a customer wanting to look into either an engine swap, or turboing his VG30E. We are wanting to keep things Nissan/Datson and preferably Z car. I've been doing research the past few days. I was thinking of doing a VG30DETT swap, but I'm not finding much on it. I see a few people saying they were doing the swap, I find two lack luster videos of a car that had the motor fitted, exhaust system in but incomplete plumbing for the coolant system and no video of the car actually running. I found one video with a z31 supposedly running a VG30DETT only showing the gauges. According to what I have found it is virtually drop in with z32 trans, minus modified oil pan or swapping for z31 oil pan.Obviously exhaust and turbo routing is custom, One spot said shifter had to be modified another didn't. Obviously running all new electrical and either stand alone or z32 ECU, modified driveshaft, but what else?


He wants to do forced induction, more specifically turbo. I enjoy the unique, but also don't want to spend time and money I won't make back. If I build the VG30E what parts are readily available as far as internals are concerned and what have others done to get the most out of the VG30E?


Thoughts, ideas from those experienced with this platform? Thanks in advance.



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