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Which car would you buy to upgrade from your Z?


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So of course this is a just for fun question, and of course we're all Z guys or we wouldn't be on here, so many will probably say they wouldn't change cars.

However, if you were to buy a different sports car than your Z what would you consider an upgrade? Z cars are regarded as one of the best sports cars ever(within normal reach) I was just reading that a 70s Z will beat out it's contemporaries; Mustangs, Porsche 924, and has a higher top end than a 911t.

For newer cars there are a lot of options of course, M3, gt86, hell- a focus is faster and handles better!


So what would you get?


I was thinking it would be a Porsche 911, but then again it would cost a bit more money.

An E-Type would be awesome, but I don't know it's actually better performance and they cost a lot.


What do you think?

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As far as new cars go then a Lotus 7 would have to be it.


If I could trade my 240z for anything in the past it would be one of the following:


1920's Bugatti Type 35B

1920's Alfa Romeo 8C

1924 Bentley Twin Turbo

1961 ZIL-112 Sports car - 

It featured the inline 8 cylinder engine out of the ZiL-111, which was good for about 230 hp. It sported a limited slip diff, radial tires, and disc brakes, all firsts for Soviet Union-produced cars.


Anything carb'ed with an XK6 or Speed Six motor or I8...


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I didn't buy a 72 Big Block Vette 4sp posi convertible in 1989 under the rationale "I could buy five nice Z's for that!"


Probably still holds true today, but a top-down big block Vette makes a hoot of a weekend cruiser if you hop it up with the right stuff...

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1989, Palisades Parkway, upstate NY. Red, 427 3-2 side pipes equipped convertible stingray. Ran for over an hour at 120mph plus to make it back to West Point for dinner formation after taking my buddy to the airport. I had a couple of buddies with nice cars (1984 911) that used me to ferry them places and trusted me to get their cars back for them in one piece. Good times.

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Hmm tough question.  I think I'd have to get another miata.  But the problem is I've had too many of them.  At one point in my life, I've owned a few "fun" cars.  S2000 and miata both, but I think I'd really would have to go something a bit more luxurious.  Maybe a Lexus RC-F?

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In no particular order




FRS  BRZ (w turbo or super charger)


Z06 Vette with LS7


R32 Skyline (imported from Canada)


Z32 twin turbo



You know we have R34 Skylines now? I could register it and "Lease" it to you :P


Here is my vote for compareable 2 seaters.


Classic. Air cooled Porsche or 77 Celica

Modded: 1UZ swapped BRZ

Modern: BMW M2

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This all depends on funding as I have little to none so the semi big dollar cars I lust for would most likely be out of the picture. Semi expensive, pipe dream and lust worthy cars for me would be Jaguar F type R or SVR, Lotus Evora 400, Alfa Romeo 4C and Porsche 911. More realistic options would first be the BRZ / FRS with a turbo setup, (Crawford Performance is not far away from me), build an 818C from Factory 5 or lastly highly modify an old Porsche 914 with eitherPorsche 3.something engine/subaru wrx/ LS2 swap. Unfortunately California smog laws would have a major impact on modifying a newer than '75 car.






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