The story: At least 5 years ago, I bought a 1981 280zx engine and 5spd transmission.  Complete with all accessories , harness, computer etc.     I was told the car was driven off the dealer's lot, and rear ended. He somehow bought the drivetrain. It was sitting under his work bench in Long Island, N.Y., till I bought it, for $475.00 When I saw the factory blue paint on the oil filter, I was starting to believe. When I found the egr tube still shiny, with the blue over spray, I was convinced.   If you look at the pics, you can see he was telling the truth. Looks like the day it was born.   Since the oil is 35 years old, as is the filter, I would think there would be a better oil choice today.   The question?? What oil type/viscosity/etc. would be a good choice for start up, and break in of a "NEW" 35 year old engine?   PS.  The EFI was removed, and carb'd, for ease of getting this new build on the road.          Will probably get it's EFI back, sometime down the road.   Thanks for your input.