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Why would you ship that from America? A 2+2 story

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Well, I can finally answer the question. I got a parts car that looked , well maybe okay


20161224 121738


but actually looked like this .... just for comparison, and i don ´t regret for 1 second to have gotten a 2+2 from cali :)


20161228 135128

20161227 153136


I also have a new hubcap, and it actually fits, just have to paint it.


Nabendeckel TM003 100916 001

back to my car, front and rear axle are removed and look great, no play anywhere (I still struggle to believe 55k is real, but it is)

20161225 171756

the rest of the car is coming along nicely. We managed to find some rust

20161221 201629

20161223 170051

20161221 215111

and I can strongly recommend a wheel from england (Forumla GT Speedwell)  EDIT: Its a "Personal" wheel, but it was marketed as Formula sometimes. Fits the Datsun hub and is 15" iirc
looks great but might be a bit too large




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In case he doesn't check for a while, I can answer a part of the question.


Villeman was in contact with local forum members to the cars that he was interested in. He was interested in a couple up here and I offered to go take a look at a couple he was interested in for gas money, but honestly I steered him away as if he was going to ship a car over sees his choices were going to be better in california/arizona then any cars he would have found up here. You could do the same thing, PM an established member in the area or make a post and offer some compensation for a members time if they could go check out a car for you, keep in mind you are a relative newbie so don't be offset if someone doesn't respond or you get few responses, it is a pretty common opening to a scam to anyone who has tried to sell something online, if it is one of the more experienced members they are also going to know what to look for and would be able to get you detailed shots, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if members know their local markets and know if a car is to be stayed away from since it has been listed for months or years.


If the car works for you great, I would suggest working out payment through a bank or something of that nature as there are many scams in the US regarding overseas buyers, I would suggest against offering to pay the buyer to drive it to the dock or other such key phrases. Once a deal is made have shipping arrangements made to have the car picked up and delivered to the dock of departure for which an importer would probably be most familiar with.

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Hello M2RX,


basically as seattlejester said, only you have to keep in mind it took me over a year of searching and a TON of luck to find this car. If I were to do it all again I would said safe up for a journey, let some members know in advance that you are coming and then go hunt. These cars shift so fast, with 8 hour of time-shift I was barely abled to get in contact with anybody, and I explicitly wanted the less sexy (NOT TRUE °! ) 2+2... 

I gambled and was lucky but I doubt that one is normally that lucky with these cars. If you are interested I would also ask the usuals in Europa about importing one for you.


So, if you can ask around and then travel to Cali (especially if you can live with a 280 that should be smogged there)


If you have any questions write me a PM


what I did: 

-find a car

- ask a senior member to check it out

-try to organise payment, fail miserably sinc emy bank is staffed with morrons

- in a whim, send the money by paypal to a way too nice member here and have him put down the deposit

- move the car

-realise jsut how much stress it is to have a car without a title

-get safed a second time by a member here :)

-work out shipping etc

-ship the car (CFR. Period.)



took nearly 5 month total. It CAN be a lot faster if you are 


a)present in cali

or B) are smart enough to buy a car with title


without the help from Daniel I would have failed miserably with what I did, so just my advice, go over and buy one. CFR will pick it up and you are done.

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I actually have family in Ohio, so a trip over is never an issue... however, I would want a rust free example from the south (ideally Cali).


What is the situation with a non-US citizen buying a car in person and organising for it to be shipped back whilst i'm there?

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You buy it, have him sign the title to you, have a bill of purchase and then give those documents to your trusty shipping agent. You just need to move the car by hauling it, it´s not allowed on roads without registration (once again,have your shipping agent pick it up). Then decide where in Europe to ship it (i´d say rotterdam, no tax there) and haul it over


AND STASH AS MANY PARTS INSIDE AS YOU CAN, even better, replace everything needing replacement before shipping since shipping parts will ruin you.


and don´t be so stiff on Cali, as many people here can tell you there are better places in  the south to look.



write me a PM and I canalso call you about the details

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well, I try to keep him off my car but his other projects are rather tedious so he like the fun parts.."luckily" he saved the scraping part for me ..... :(




but apparently,  "rust free chassis" in a Craigslist add is not always a lie...


IMG 0877

IMG 0876

IMG 0875

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scrape scrape scrape......


IMG 0884

IMG 0883

IMG 0885


btw, instead of a full rotisserie there is an engine lifter in the back and the front is suspended from a beam in the ceiling.... only adviced if you know your roof construction though


Does anybody know the color code from the underbody paint? Should be the stock 76 paintcode .

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So, since nobody knows the exact primer (also on classiczcars) I will just epoxy primer it and paint it in a matching color resembling the original one. Prep is nearly done.

IMG 0942

IMG 0943



also the one rust patch was done by my father


IMG 0941

IMG 0940

so things are getting along nicely. While at it i found those two beauties for 40$

IMG 0935

definitely need to rebuild those in order to finish the project ;)


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and some more progress and scraping ;)


IMG 1053

IMG 1052

IMG 1047


IMG 1049

sadly I didn´t document the rear axle before it went back in but looking good. Luckily the doors are good, (edit, nothing done to them so far)

IMG 1059

engine is back together and waiting to go in :)

IMG 1057

IMG 1035



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rather tiny progress but hey...

IMG 1092

IMG 1090

IMG 1077

IMG 1076

IMG 1075

the wheels are the TÜV version but came out a LOT nicer than I expected. They have all season tires which I got dirt cheap so I have a TÜV set with some actual use in early/late season driving (background: since the car can technically go 210 with the Tüvs formula I would need to buy right sized high-speed tires which are silly expensive, with all season tires you can but up to 2 speed indexes slower tires while still being legal ...isn´t german DMV fun -_-). Just in case they complain about the general lee ones ^^
Next: Paint and reassembly. Will keep the stock paint, dull but the car is too good to mess with. just hope my seal pack didn´t get lost in transit (dangerdan? ) ^^
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Parts without certificate are getting harder to get through TÜV (wheels, exhaust and so on). That was easier a few years ago. They don't have to be stock, most inspectors of the TÜV don't even know whats stock on Z but it helps when they have the right measurements and look stock/old.



The historic certificate is on another level:

Any mods must have been possible +10 years of built date or older than 30 years but nobody would care about the heat shields. They are more forgiving for mods which are not visible.

Tyres at most 10mm wider than stock.

A good optical condition.


But that also means the maximum amount of tax for the car is $215. Normally dependent of the engine displacement. For example the L24: $730/yearly without historic certificate and $215 with it. Helps a lot on big V8s.

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Tüv is discussing with me about the turbine wheels even though they aare period correct and on the car. But they weren´t noted in the cars documents (surprise in america) so they won´t allow it. Now I need to bring period parts calatogues to proove they are period correct ...


and yes, autobahn and Nürburgring, both places a not 100%  safe car willget you killed ;)

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And off to the painter it is... decided to go full stock and have it 306 again. (worst case it will get foil later ^^)


IMG 20170531 WA0003

IMG 20170531 WA0001


sitting really high in the back, hope it settles down (kept the original springs but got new shocks in, Gabriel iirc). It actually still had the fully serviceable units.


in other news, care package in all its glory, seals , stuff and more. Big shout out towards California. Man, i love those blue plates, sooo sad i can´t run them here

IMG 20170614 WA000

in case somebody knows some more details. Plate holder says Myers-Mears (whats that?) and the car was purchased in Richmont,  Ca

IMG 20170614 WA00

IMG 20170614 WA0

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