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Why would you ship that from America? A 2+2 story

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the one time i really like dark and moist garages when storing cars. Germany, the land of pristine uncracked dashes... even still flexes (but oh, the rust. Came from the black beauty 2+2 i butchered some time ago). Also, window is in (also from donor as last one broke -_-   sadly the windshield has scratch marks (who needs wiper blades .... ) . Did anybody try to polish those off?






and rust be gone! (thanks dad!)


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Lets hope my driving skill never makes it look like that again. Still some things to settle, but it started on the first crank after a complete engine +everything else overhaul, so it clearly finally wants to DRIVE !. Brakes, turn indicators, tach. Thats all on my list.


Daniel, you really picked a stunningly good car! Million thanks

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first test drive was a success, until the front tire blwe up..... our shop found a piece or their tire-mounting machine inside -_- . The last thing to settle is a center console harness. If anybody can spare a 75-76 model 280z center console harness I would be happy. There is a 77-78 one inside and its far too good condition to butcher it. Looking good thought ! Car is now conserved with fluid film and will recieve a dose of Mike sanders (a fat/wax mix polular over here) to keep it from rotting away.





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