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Why would you ship that from America? A 2+2 story

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'n Abend :)


On 7/9/2018 at 12:50 PM, Villeman said:

now that would be a fun LS swap for sure ;) especially since the whells are just welded metal plates, called Pilote Wheels

I think if you stick ANY LS in there and step on the gas, the car won't drive but just get longer.

But if you can, PLEASE do it.
Trailer it to the TÜV, don't say a word, and watch the engineer get a heart-attack^^


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Long Story short…. I blew up the engine -_-   


replaced a freeze plug the engine builder missed…. and the replacement was too loose (kind of knew that or at least was afraid of). Testdrives etc were fine and 400km further I had to do a hard pull on the autobahn an tadaaaaa, coolant blew out. Sadly I drove to the next parking lot because I thought it was fire (black smoke coming in immediately)


fast forward.. pulled the engine and that thing is tough as nails! 2-3 miles without coolant while already hot and nothing. Rings good, crosshatch good, head good. We pulled the main bearings and they showed wear (they were still original one though). Talk about being lucky!


Freezeplug, main bearings and rod bearings will be replaced and hopefully I will be back on the road in 2-3 weeks 


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