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That would depend on price??

I would have to buy the complete engine and the prize for that would be around 200-300€.... Plus shipping to you. I do not know how much that would be to USA. Im guessing not cheap.


So it might be I'll buy one in my own shelf just in case i decide to go that route.

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So this is what I have. Two shafts: both have V07 and V0740 marking on it.


In both cranks there is a small "ring" in the flywheel flange probably caused by oil seal (pictures)? The connecting rod journals and main bearing journals look nice and clean.


Edit: shipping to US would be about 170usd/crank. Would 600usd/each be reasonable prize shipped?


Edit: both have the same markings on them. Uploaded better pics.




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I tried to start a new topic in buy/sell section but for some reason I can't (the button says "you cannot start a new topic").


I'm not looking at making my self rich with these cranks but I would like to get my own costs covered if these cranks are worth selling. For exampe I will build a wooden box for shipping (so the shipping won't damage the shafts). Is the ring in the flywheel flange a problem that means these cranks are worthless?


Could some one with LD stroke experience estimate a reasonable value for these items? 300usd + shipping? 350$?




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