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sbc 350/Borg Warner t5 clutch issue

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So my build is about ten years old so have forgotten more about it than I care to admit. I started noticing it was starting to get hard to run thru the gears. It worked, just found I had to be deliberate about my shifts. It finally failed all together and would not let me shift at all. Pedal seemed a little soft, but not to the point of total failure. I assumed issue was in hydraulics so went after that. Bleed the system, removed, disassembled and inspected the slave cylinder, replaced the master, re did some of my connections and still no go. (Using Clamato slave, f250 master and steel braided line.


I can see the slave working and pushing the arm, but don't know if it is pushing it far enough. Can someone with similar setup or knowledge tell me approx how far the slave should be pushing the fork. I honestly never looked when it worked to have a visual ref of how far it needs to extend.


If not a hydraulic issue, any ideas as to what it is before I drop the trans? Again, was a gradual failure, not instant carnage or breakage,


Thanks guys


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Pulled tranny and found the problem.  My centerforce II clutch failed.  All the friction pads from one side are gone! Not worn off, just gone.... Contacting them now to see if can get some help as I expect it should not have done that...


While I have it all apart, I may convert to an Automatic.  Anybody interested in G-force T5?

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