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Low down torque==>long intake and small valves?

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Why not just get a maxima n47 head? High quench design. Small ports, etc... Would put his CR around 10.8:1


Have to run good gas but with proper tuning and run it a tad bit rich,should be a great head choice for the build.. came on the 80-83 maxima gas engines.bolts right up

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one thing you can do also to increase compression without changing very much about your engine if you think it's solid is to change the head gasket to a fancy, super thin one. you might be able to get yourself a few points there, without touching the shape of the head or the piston. 


alternatively, you could keep the short block as is (in the truck even) remove the head and have it machined/shaved.   but you'd need to verify valve clearance on the pistons and make certain of the type of gaskets you'd need, in case the shaving changed the shape of the head to block contact. 


alternatively-alternatively (   :P  ), you could have the block shaved a little bit, and keep your dished pistons and your head... again, if the valve clear them, and if your head is flat enough to bolt right on to a new, shinny flat block surface.  



be careful in setting your cam timing after any of these though as the difference in deck height screws it up some. 

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