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Carbon Signal JG Spec Moonbeam kit ( 8/100)


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I will be installing the Carbon Signal kit on my car in the coming weeks.  It is about 5/8" to 1" wider than my current set up. I had previously had the Wide ZG flares then switched to the JPN Garage Z speed flares.  From that I had my body guy mold my front airdamn to the flares and rework the rears.  This was to mimic the Wood Village s30 car from Japan.  When the Carbon Signal car came out I decided to switch.   I currently have my homebrew kit up for sale and if it does not sell then I will put it on another car in the future. 

Here are a few photos of what I got.  All items came packaged well with no issues or damage. 

I have my wheels for sale  ( CCW 3 piece Classics) if they do not sell soon then I will send them off to get rebarreled.  OR keep them and buy a new set from a company I am working with on wheel designs for a new product. 






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I have a friend who had the kit.  the fitment on his car is spot on.  Just a few things I am going to do extra as I will be racing the car in mile, 1/2 mile, and 1/4 runs...... I took a long hard look at his kit on and off his car and was throughly impressed with the finish work.  IMO the final product is better quality than any other parts I have bought to add to the body of my car.

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It's Moonbeam Spec JG kit made by Carbonsignal Automotive, company based in dubai www.carbonsignalauto.com


We made two Moonbeam designs one with gnose and one without this is nongnose one. Kit is offered in FRP and CF.


I will send you a message to see if we can join as vendors for this forum as have lots of S30 parts to offer. We are the same company didn fuguz interior last year and this year Gnose Moonbeam along with whole new 280z interior will debut in SEMA

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I have found more rust on the car than what was expected.  The car is still in pieces but will be getting the kit fitted after all repairs have been completed.  I am using a 1 man shop and there fore I am at the mercy of my paint/body guy's work schedule.  I am planning on having the car done by the end of the month.  My wheels will be arriving the 3rd week of this month so the final fitment of the kit with the wheels will happen around then.  After that is it smooth sailing, I hope.

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