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Carbon Signal JG Spec Moonbeam kit ( 8/100)

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It's Moonbeam Spec JG kit made by Carbonsignal Automotive, company based in dubai www.carbonsignalauto.com   We made two Moonbeam designs one with gnose and one without this is nongnose o

She is close real close

Well here is a short video from the zcon  on Saturday https://www.instagram.com/p/BVvCxyWhAv4/?taken-by=zq280z

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Wheels I designed with SevenK wheels.  I own the only set in existence.  They have plans to make them as they are ordered in the near future.  Fronts are a 17x10 and rear are a 17x11.5.  The offsets are as I ordered but will vary depending on the suspension set ups on your cars.  Wheels are a 3 piece, forged faces, and barrels, I am considering switching to titanium hardware for added weight savings, the faces have been lightened with fillets in the sides of he spokes as well as in the rear of them.  . 

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@RB26powered74zcar... Joel.... My interior is a wreck.  Not even close to being done.  I still have to:

Buy a passenger seat the same as my driver's  ( I just put in a Technocraft T4)

Buy HVAC for the car

Buy ele power steering

Buy new Nardi steering wheel

New carpet


I am working with a local interior guy on doing the full Alacantera interior. 

I have a few surprises in store for the interior panels I am working on as well.   

I appreciate all of the compliments, this car has been a labor of love as I have such a long history with it..... the original owner is a close family friend

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