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5sp Transmission rebuild kit?

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Hey guys,


May have a hook up with a transmission guy on willing to do side work and rebuild my 1978 5sp, I believe its a fs5w71b. I have been researching rebuild kits and have found plenty of options. A few kits on ebay are extremely affordable as well. I want the kit to be legit and reliable. With that said, I don't want to pay for something that isnt necessary. I feel some of the Z only stores have jacked up prices on things and am just looking to pay for what something is worth. Does anyone have experience with an affordable kit or should I just bite the bullet and potentially over pay from zcarsource or zstore?





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if you have a 5spd Z then it's probably a 71b, as the 71c's started to show up in the z31 300zx.


Generally with those two options, you also take out the guess work of possibly getting something that won't work. You can get even cheaper if you find out the ID and OD of all the bearings and order direct, but who wants to go through all that trouble. 


The transmission shop should also have some sort of lookup that you might be able to use or have him do the research for a little bit extra.

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May have a hook up with a transmission guy on willing to do side work and rebuild my 1978 5sp, 

Why do you want to rebuild it?  The 71B's have some noises that they make normally, like the rumbling bearing with the clutch pedal up in neutral, and the worn factory parts are often as good as new replacement parts.  Many people have been happy with just using a better fluid, like Redline MT90, if' ti's a synchro problem.  Make sure you're rebuilding for the right reasons.

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These are the guys I ordered my rebuild kit from, http://www.drivetrain.com/parts_catalog/manual_transmission_overhaul_kits/nissan_f5w71_overhaul_kit.html

It was a good quality kit but as New Zed says you might want to try some of the different oils first, they can make a big difference.

The guy I bought my 5 spd from said that it had to be rebuilt, so I rebuilt it but I found nothing that needed to be replaced. Bearings were good, so were the syncros.

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