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Southern Ways Wheel Lip/Barrels

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So I recently picked up some Southern Ways 3 Piece wheels that i look to refinish over the winter. 

I think they are currently 15x7 maybe 15x8. I've got clearance on the back and i think i could go another inch wider on the front. Would really like to run a 235 tire in the back at least (225s in the picture). 

Does anyone have any spare lips laying around somewhere? I can't find any in stock anywhere, and I have a place quoting a custom set for me but the price will be high i presume. 



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I seriously doubt you'll find anything, but it never hurts to ask.  Weren't those manufactured by Epsilon?    I once had a set of three piece OZ Racing wheels that constantly leaked.  A set of gaskets and non-reusable fasteners was more money than I could afford, so I just filled them up every couple of days.  It was a grand pain in the arse.   

Good luck!

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This thread may get moved because this is kind of a Want to buy. 


But are you sure those are 3 piece? Every set of Epsilons I've seen (whopping 2 so I'm no expert on them) were 3 piece welded (so actually 2 piece). So replacing lips isn't something you can easily do in your garage.


Either way check out Pine Engineering in New Zealand. Really good group of guys. I've had them do 2 15x12 XR4 Lonchamps for me before and having them do 2 15x11's to match now. They stock lips in 15" sizes. They won't be cheap because redoing wheels is not cheap by any means. But they will most likely be cheaper than here in the states (conversion rate is in our favor) unless you know a guy with the in.



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I haven't messed with them yet so i don't know, but i hope you are wrong on the welded part. 

I was following this thread http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?7110952-15-quot-Epsilon-Sourthen-Ways-3pc-mesh-wheel-rebuild-refurb

Seems like the same wheels. 

Either way i need to take off the tires and see. I could see that people would get these welded if they were having leak issues such as RPMS is talking about.


I have been to pine engineering's website. But i wonder what the shipping cost would be. Probably negate any benefit of exchange rate? 


By the way those longchamps are beautiful! 


And yeah in hindsight this may need to be moved. 

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