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Hey guys. I recently saw a few posts of a Camaro at SEMA who had a V12 that was basically welded together. My question is, can the Inline 6 be welded to an inline 8? Has anyone ever done this to their Z before??  I tried searching it but no results. I know old American cars used to have an inline 8 but waaaayyyy back when.

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If your end goal is a L-8, I would think welding two L4 motors from like a 510 end-to-end would be the better option than taking an L6, and then adding 2 more cylinders to the end of it.  In either case though, what jacky4566 said basically hits the point:  you are making a bespoke engine and it will require a TON of custom fab work and 1-off parts.  It may be possible to put two L4s together end-to-end and just connect the outputshaft of one to the front of the other's crank. But then you still dont have an inline 8 as much as just two inline 4's with conjoined cranks.  Running something like that on carbs is probably doable.  One hitch to think about though is how you are running things like the water pump.  The one on the front motor isnt a problem, but what about the rear motor?  One could possibly do some welding of the two (would have to weld the blocks together as well as the heads) then figure out a way to connect the cams together, or have a custom cam made, but to what end?  That is a TON of custom work for something that may not be much of an upgrade in the end.  Would definitely be really cool to see it done though, just from a "could this be done" standpoint.  If I had two old L4s that I didnt care about lying around I would be tempted to at least mock it up just for fun, but it is a lot of work to commit to.  

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I just came across the idea mainly because of the V12 at SEMA. I know buick and pontiac for sure used to run inline-8's back before WW2 for racing cars. But I supposed the point of custom fab would be a major issue as well as custom parts and the endless custom list. Interesting to think though! 

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On 11/9/2019 at 6:48 PM, mutantZ said:

Looks like I was talking about engine coupling ideas about 9 years ago. Go figure. :-D



I've REALLY been wanting to build a multi-bike engine thing for a while now. No reason it can't be done. Multi-engine options abound, but most automotive engines are quite heavy once adding two or three, and offer minimal performance impact over other options. Example: Why run two V6's when good V12's exist with similar displacement? Why run two engines for more power when cheap force induction is attainable?

The benefit of multiple bike engines is that bike engines have an extremely high power to package weight and size ratio, so they fit anywhere and don't weigh much. But their clutch package and transmission don't like pushing more than 1,000lbs around, especially with boost. So add more to increase capacity. And two GSXR motors still weigh less than most automotive engines. And if you look at the definitive engine weights thread, you quickly reailze that an iron V8 with an auto weights about three or four bike engines/trans packages worth....

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