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Im located in california and i need to ship the Front end of a 1975 datsun 280z to florida, It will be stripped and cut behind the firewall. Ive been trying to figure out the shipping situation and many companies are quoting me at extremely high rates. Anyone have any recommendations on a good company or solution to getting the shipping cost down? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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You get limited if the driver has to have a truck with a lift gate and pallet jack. If you can secure the clip on a standard pallet and have a means to load it on a truck you can try places like:

  • CHRobinson
  • Total Quality Logistics
  • Old Dominion

I have used a few of these guys before and since where I work has a dock and access to a forklift they didn't mind. Most brokers will try and work with you to find the best rate.


I shipped an engine this way.  A shipping company had a delivery to my property from Chicago. I knew the driver and talked to him about it and said as long it wasn't too far off the beaten path, it wouldn't be an issue.  He only had a pickup of 2 pallets scheduled to return to his home base that didn't required to be sealed. He also had a lift gate on his truck for the buyer. I loaded a crated engine bound for Tinley Park. I saved a large portion of the shipping cost plus a muffalatta.


Good Luck.

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