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How do you remove the rear quarter panel without destoying it?


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Title pretty much says it all. Specifically, the passenger side. I've removed everything that is "in the way" but that damn hatch strut mount is really making this difficult. Do you have to get the carpet up as well? I'm thinking it may be necessary but I wanted to ask first before I go any further.



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If I recall correctly, you can remove part of the bracket for the strut .  It looks like it's welded but part of the bracket is bolted on and does come off and will give you more room to slip the panel out.  It's a bracket bolted to a bracket.  You'll need to prop up the hatch I think, since the end of one strut will be loose.  I'm working from memory of past advice, and realizing how it worked later.  I have tried to remove mine but changed my mind when I got stuck in the same spot.  The part I was trying to get to became less important.

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Bottom end of the hatch strut, if you're facing the passenger side, the rear of the bracket is bolted on. You'll need a wrench since a socket of pretty much any kind is too long and will probably hit the panel. Pretty easy to remove once you have that off. Also make sure you've removed the interior taillight panel. 

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