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1971 Datsun 240Z - L33 - Twin Turbo - 4L80e

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This will take me a few days to get together.


Summer 2015 I pick up one of my all time favourite cars, a 240Z.


Cars looks great.




But scrape away all the BS hiding everything and it has some serious cancer. Frame rails, engine bay, firewall, inside rockers, batter tray, and a ton more.







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To top is all off the motor came with a rebuilt head but the rest of the L24 was junk. It has no compression and smoked like a tractor with proper weight oil in it. The wiring was held together with house marettes. I ripped it all out and stripped the engine bay. Gas tank was rotting from the inside. Removed that as well.



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Decided to go 2JZ route but short change to LS because of the price performance and ease of finding parts.


Engine found. L33 Aluminum block 5.3 $800 JY motor with under 100K kms (70k miles).





Cut the tire well out and planned to install the LS fuel tank



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T-56 are hella expensive and I live near Toronto so play in a ton of stop and go traffic. I hit the wreckers and found a 4L80e for $400 CAD (about $11 US)





Dump oil all over yourself and the driveway and then wire wheel the bastard 80e. Steal all the cat litter in the house for the driveway, call it a day



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Find an old wiring harness, work night shift and hide from foreman so you can build this madness (priorities!) cut it apart, remove shit, sort it, add a few wires for fan control, boom, stand alone. majic!









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Sick of the rusties? me too.


Buy some replacement parts, weld so much you deplete the local area or argon, get new doors and hatch because the old one are full bondo (grrrrr). Strip the car to a rolling shell (suspension will come later in the build). buy some flares, contemplate fender mirriors and start sanding











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Take 2 months to decide on a pain job. I want gold. Wife corrects me and lets me know I dont want a gold or a white Datsun. Find the colour while checking out hot girl from BMW. Sakhir Orange it is! Crazy amount of pearl and gold flake in this stuff BTW.


hit some test pieces







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Realize you absolutely going to need more than 400 HP in a 2500 lbs tin can of a car after you watch Mean Z's car on you tube. That's right, turbo bitches......two of them. H-Series 66mm T4's to be exact. Buy an intercooler that supports a mystery amount of hp from a sketchy friend with tattoo's that works on Porsche's.





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Looked really clean at first. And then I remembered why I said "No more old cars!" Because they're all hiding something.



BTW, if you aren't planning on it yet, start planning on chassis reinforcement. You're going to need it with that amount of power.



Also, thank your wife for steering you away from painting it gold.

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