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So a friend of mine recently told me about a 1975 280z for sale...


The car, for my area, was one of the best I've seen.  Sure, it wasn't totally together or running, but the body was straight, didn't need much body work, and barely had any rust anywhere (the worst of the rust is on the inside of the hatch by the corners; worst of the body work is the pass. rear quarter).  It was kept in storage and hadn't seen the weather for 30+ years, and at some point had a 350 SBC and 4 speed auto swapped in.  The suspension has been refurbished a little; new bushings and shocks as far as I know.  Original glass with no cracks or chips that I can see.  The dash is cracked (pretty bad in some spots).  The car came with pretty much all the stock parts that weren't installed on the car (trim pieces, carpets, lights, door handles, etc.).  Needless to say, I bought it.


I haven't done too much to it yet, just trying to get it situated for now and come up with a plan for where to start.  I have some ideas but nothing set in stone yet.


I'll try to keep this thread updated as often as possible with what's going on.  For now, here are some pictures and a video from the day I picked the car up.  If the pictures show up small, let me know.  I can try re-uploading larger ones.


Video Link:  











This is the worst of the body damage.  
It was explained to me that this was to fill in
where the bumper wrapped around, as well as some trim holes

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