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Turbo distributor assembly

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I completely disassembled my turbo dizzy to clean and paint it. However, now I am not 100% sure how to put everything back together correctly. :-D
After putting it together there is quite a bit of play in the input shaft so the trigger disc can touch the sensor.

FSM didn't help

Thank you!

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Not a whole lot to it. Sure you didn't forget a shim or two?  . I just looked at my BNIB unit and it looks like there is a shim between the lower shaft collar ( that engages the oil pump spindle ) and the dizzy body. There is absolutely no free play on my dizzy shaft..... well maybe a couple of thou" . No way trigger disc should hit Optical sensor

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I think you're missing one or two of the shims in this diagram. Illustration number 22160. Part number for 1982 - 1983 Turbo shim kit is 22160-P9000 . Illustration below is for 1981 Turbo Dizzy.1982 -1983 Dizzy has these two shims, but I could not find an appropriate illustration. 1981 shim kit is 22160-M5600. bad news, both shim kits are NLA. You can scrounge used Datsun dizzy's for these. The shaft diameters are often the same. 





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