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Heavy Duty frame rails and connectors

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  frame rail-rear crossmember to firewall       close up view   The frame rail extends from rear crossmember to engine firewall.  Checking out the f

When you are done, there will be so much time on your hands, you won't know what to do.  Good grief what a lot of work.  If this had to be done by a pro, it will be a mid 6 figure bill.  Great job.  I

Ebay has a lot of portable China Spray booths that run from $1000 to $2000.  Most are a little more than inflatable bounce things. The one at the SEMA is manufactured in Texas by Mobile Environme

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On 11/23/2021 at 7:01 AM, 280Z-LS3 said:

I placed a Sanden SD-7B10 A/C Compressor where you put the alt.  Made similar 1/4" plate mount brackets.  Have yet to make my spacers to align compressor and idler pulleys.  Nice work as usual.

I went with truck spacing accessories and was able to fit a truck alternator AFTER clocking the casing 90* to move the positive post away from the motor mount. I also have a sanden low mount using dirty dingo's low mount and had to notch the motor mount location. 

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Engine Compartment Modifications-


     I forgot to post the Alternator that I utilized-NAPA #272-4717 104 AMP  Alternator( cost $130).   I originally tried to install a 140AMP GM one but it was way too large to fit in the bottom

driver side of the motor.    I think 104 AMP is sufficient unless I install an Electric Power Steering Unit.   The NAPA Alternator has a Lifetime Warranty and 104 AMP is widely available.




AIr Intake-

    My Crate LS3  6.2 Liter motor did not come with a Air Intake  Setup so I had to fab

one.   Spectre Performance had a 4" Stainless Tube ($75), 36" 0fn 4" Flex Tubing($32)and 4" Right Angle Rubber Elbows(($24) for basis of my system.



I didn't want my Air Inlet to breathe Hot Engine Compartment Air so I fab the system to get Cold Air from just behind the grille.


Had to enlarge the hole in the Core Support to accomplish this.


Also, had to "Tap "  the Wheel Housing to get about 3/4" clearance for the Duct Hose.



Used Shears to Trim the Sheet Metal Plate for the Duct Hose.



Inside view of the Duct Opening



Using Band Saw to cut 4" Stainless Straight Tube..



Trial Fitting of the Flexible Duct Tubing.   I created a Steel Metal Duct Plate on the Core Support to hold Duct Hose and Air Filter.IMG_E3471.JPG.a246a70c92d8d4a56a226dbca3c7b281.JPG


Pic of Additional Right Angle Elbow on outside of Core Support to

mount Air Filter.  I have not decided on which Air Filter to use yet.



Inside view of Air Inlet System



Next-Holley Terminator X System installation













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