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I am form Poland and I am new on this forum. I own 240z with chevy 350 and 4l60 transmission. Unfortunately in my country parts for this engine same as are 4l60 are unavailable (recently I had to wait 5 weeks for oil drain plug   :( ). So I made decision to change engine and transmission for 1 uz.


I studied the forum and projects which has been completed by members of Hybrid Z but could not find answer on few questions. Could you please help me?


1) My initial plan was to buy LS400 and to do swap from this car but after reading the forum I found out that there are 3 types of sump location (front, center and rear). LS400 got front sump and I wonder if it is still possible to mount this engine to 240z?

2) if it's not possible to mount 1uz from LS400 then is there a conversion kit on the market thanks to which I will be able to convert front sump to rear sump?

3) What about the ECU? Are you using stock ECU's and if yes are they are working without any issues? How are you solving issue with automatic transmission?

4) Immobilizer if I am correct was installed from 96  in ECU. How do you by pass this?


Sorry for so many questions but in Poland i can buy only 1uz from LS400 because SC400 or Soarer's are almost unavailable :(


Thank you for any help



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Im no expert but i have swapped this engine in my car and got it running well enough to daily it.


So to answer your question to get the 1uz from the ls400 to work in the 240z you will need to convert it to a rear sump from a lexus sc400. The ls400 sump sits to far forward and will sit on the steering rack. As far as i know there are no conversion kits just go to a junkyard( auto recycler) and see if they have a sc400 to pull parts from. you will need the these parts.(see picture source:clublexus) I am doing this very thing i snapped a rod on my boosted 1uz setup and had to get a new engine best one i could find was from a ls400 so i have to swap everything over to fit.


I am using the stock ecu with a apexi neo for fuel control(turbo setup), i bypassed the neutral safety switch for the auto and i run a toyota r154 transmission.


No immobilizer on my setup. i also got a pre 1995 engine as they have stronger rods(better for boost) and are non interference(better for when i break things lol). 


Im not on here much but i hope this helps in some way. 



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1) You need a rear sump from the sc400. There are also conversion kits sold on various other forums. Or do a Dry sump $$$
2) -
3) Personally i would junk the current ECU for a megasquirt. Way more tunability and no need to muck about with immobilizers and 100 useless sensors. 
4) Just look for a remote starter "immobilizer defeat device" 

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http://www.1uzfeswapkit.com is where I got my mounts from they are mentioned for a 1uz into a mk3 supra but if you swap them left for right and right for left the work just fine. Sits a bit foward but it works, for the transmission I made my own mounts. Also bought his r154 adapter kit.


I see he has changed the design from the ones I bought might want to contact him and see if all the dimensions are the same.

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Hi :)



Today I found 3UZ from GS430 rwd. The engine is working and the guy who is selling it told me that Immobilizer was removed from main ECU. and we can start the engine although it's out of the car. Immobilizer from ECU was removed by someone in Russia.


It is a full set Engine + engine harness + auto transmission + everything what is needed to do full swap. Engine is with rear sump as it was mounted in off road car for a moment. there are 123000 miles on it.



The problem is that sometimes engine error pops up and rpm-s are reduced max to 3000 RPM. Second problem is that there is no obd. He didn't managed to complete the harness so it's not possible to check what kind of error shows up :(



Do you know where can i find information how to connect obd connector to this ECU?


Is it possible to swap the full set to 240z with this auto transmission?


The price for full set is 1200$. What you think is it worth?



Your opinions? :)





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Unfortunately I never had the time to research the 3uz. As most swaps here anything is possible with the time and know how, also a plus to have help from others who have been there before. As for the price here in California I can get a 1uz complete for 450$ sometimes cheaper during half off days at our pick n pull junkyards. Haven't seen any 3uz prices so I'm not sure.


Also if you still plan to convert to rear sump on the ls400 engine you have to swap the studs over for the intermediate oil pan I did mine last night. It is now comolete.


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Thanks CArFAn  ;)  You are right with that. Too few swaps like this were done and probably  there will be many issues with ECU as there is already a problem with it and huge disadvantage is that this engine was used in a buggy :(. 1UZ got also stronger rods so during weekend I made a trip and I bought the 1 UZ (strong rods)  :D with auto transmission and with the whole harness from the LS400. I also found the guy who will make for me rear sump.


- Is it possible to swap also this auto transmission from LS400? I am not sure if I want to go with manual although many people are trying to convince me to do it. I am not building a track car but only a daily car used during summer   :).


- How about the harness and the whole wiring? As mentioned I bought the whole harness from LS400 but I am sure that its to much and not everything is needed. What exactly is needed? ECU + engine harness + ?


- LS400 is from 93 so there should be no immo. Have you done any mods to the stock ECU?


- Are your stock gauges working with 1uz sensors? What about speedometer it's my biggest concern?

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Hey fila, I haven't logged into HybridZ for ages but I've swapped a 1UZ into my 280zx so may be able to answer a couple of your questions.


I don't know much about the auto transmissions as I used a manual. From memory the auto has its own ECU on some models and you need to get it inputs for speed. If you search for the wiring diagrams you should be able to see this.


I'd recommend a manual even for a daily and there are a bunch of companies out there making adaptors or full conversion kits.


You don't actually need that much to run the engine. Just the ECU and then figure out where it needs power, earth etc. Again a wiring diagram will be your friend.


I don't think you'll have any issues with immobilisers. There is a NSW (neutral start switch) input to the ECU that either needs to have +12v or be grounded (sorry can't remember off the top of my head) and you're good to go.


I installed after market gauges, but you should be able to get them going if you want. It'll depend what gearbox you use for the speedo input. I used a w58 and it has an electronic pulsed output so you'd need a speedo driver if you wanted to keep the stock speedo.

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Here's a couple of pic's of sumps that might help.  first 2 are differences between a 1UZ and 3UZ  (1UZ on left in first picture.) other 2 are comparing  a front and rear   from  a 1UZ

3UZ is a much better engine , 4.3 litre Vvti  (You will  only need the "1uz stronger rods" if you are planning an  all out race car with Nurnburg ring level power- 600HP plus, supercharged, turbos etc. etc. :o) The rods are swappable into  the 3UZ if you are really pedantic , 3UZ extra capacity was bigger bore.  if  you are not building an all out race/track car,Stick with the 3UZ  

  Earlier 4.0 engines are getting harder to get parts for as well,  dizzy being one of them.

. I put a 3UZ into a 928 Porsche, brilliant engine, Better engine than Porsche used , makes same power as the 928GTS- but reliable plus economical,  and don't have to talk to Mr. Porsche for parts.

(Plan was to put one into a 280ZX , lost interest)

The ECU you mention that was modified by "someone" in Russia, was probably done by George in Moscow, A wiring Genius, you can find posts by him on toymods site. an Australian Toyota modification site, search George 3UZ you will find him, ( I  can't seem to post a link here)He is one of 3 people that really do know what they are doing with 1-3UZ ECU's. One here in Australia, (Sideshow,alias Dumbass on the Toymods site) and another guy in New Zealand 

George can also be found on LEXTREME a Toyota/Lexus V8  engine swap/modification site,

Heaps of information there if you are planning a UZ conversion, site has been quiet for a few years, but all the information is there.





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