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Same L series different skin

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Hey guys. Long time Nissan guy, ive had everything from an 86 Z, 93 Z, 94 Q45, 90 v6 hardbody and a 92 Se-R. Now im driving an 83' Maxima and tracking a 74' Z. Oh and also a daily for the gf with a 10 year warranty, but thats unimportant..


So heres my new infatuation..




I know, I know nothing special. But! I love the squared edges and the fact that its a Nissan. Wait, not just a nissan. Its a Datsun too. Ya one of those years when Nissan was phasing in. 


So this car has potential.. As some of you (or all of you for all i know) know these first gen maxima are rwd and have an L24e. Yup, i got a maxima... but atleast i got it with the correct drive train configuration! What i plan on doing with the car is keeping it maintained, and doing some tasteful suspension/aesthetic mods. Be nice and comfortable to drive, but also able to handle an autocross when i want to. Even the cruise control still works on this ol' dog.


After doing some research i found that i can put 280zx springs and struts into this puppy, and the eibach springs are probably going straight in... after i buy a house... and some bucket seats for the Z.... and well, you see where im getting at.. One day! What i've already done is put new seals in the leaky injectors that were leaking onto the heat shield and about to blow me to the moon and pick up the Infiniti wheels you see on in the picture above. yes infiniti and they're off a fwd g20 if you must know. 


Alright, end of rant. i wanted somewhere to store my progress and ask questions. This site seems to be my best bet, as the only Maxima forum that contains info on a 1st gen is quite.. vacant.. and it is a rwd Nissan with an L series block so ya.

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Initial plans for this are some Eibach springs and Tokico Illumina shocks for a 280zx. Also redo all worn out bushings with some nice poly ones. I'm going to get some Direzza dz102 for the wheels. I had them on the 92' Se-R and I loved them for a summer tire. All of this should lower the car about an inch and allow it to go round an autocross fairly well.


Then the fun stuff comes when I do some custom intake setup and have an exhaust made. I also have an old Palnet fuel rail off my 74' Z that will clean up the engine bay. A better cam and 3.9 rear end should also help me get to where I want as far as seat of the pants happiness.


A clean paint job, was thinking maybe a bluish metallic silver or old datsun racing white will get me what I have in mind as how this car should look.

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Want to really spice things up, just pop that head on to an L28 block and MS control.


Lol, i'd have to research how the oil pan clearences are. The dipstick location is different in this car then in my Z so im scared it will take a little modification. What compression would that bring me to? Maybe i'll entertain this if i can find a good shortblock.. 

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