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Project 1973 240z, LS/T56, S14 Suspension, Tube Chassis

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Top notch work! You can tell this isn't your first rodeo.

How do you like that tube bender? The dies being as much as the unit made me look at the "affordable bender" (bottle jack type). Haven't pulled the trigger on either one yet though.


Keep up the good work


I really like this bender! I looked at many different benders before deciding on the JD2 and I couldn't be happier. This unit has some unique features, it's easy to upgrade and the die selection is HUGE. 


I also have the "Beast" notcher from JD2 which is probably one of the best fabrication tools that I have ever purchased!

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Lots of progress over the last couple years! 


Main hoop mocked up 




Rear cage structure and coilover mounts going together




I also made some changes to the rear subframe structure while adding support for main hoop and harness bar




Added some bracing for the shock towers. You can also kind of see the A pillars and dash bar




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Removed the front structure to make way for more tubing!




I built a mount to hold the front suspension in place




First shock tower tube in place




Both front shock mounts tacked in place along with a bunch of supports. I decided to swap the mustang steering rack out for a 240SX rack which was a MUCH better solution for me. 







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After looking at a few options I decided to go with a Kirkey "drag race" seat. I was blown away by how comfortable the seat is!




At this point I felt like a majority of the main structure of the cage was done so I decided to remove the body and start welding everything




Chassis stripped down and ready to weld! I also added a few removable supports from the rear of the shock tower to the firewall.



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Once I finished a majority of the welding on the cage I decided to switch gears and start building the hot side of the turbo system. I built a mock up mount to hold the turbo in place.




I upgraded the intake to raise the throttle body a little but also because it looks a lot better than stock.






I am building the headers out of 304 stainless. The head flange is 1/2" thick and the tubes are all 14 gauge (.080) thick.


Driver side 






Passenger side






Headers all finished! 





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Y-pipe from headers to the turbine inlet built and welded. Just need to add the wastegate(s)








Full 3.5" exhaust with kooks "muffler". I am not sure how the exhaust will be exiting. I am considering 3 different options. High exit through the fender, low exit through the fender or removing the rocker panel and running a side pipe under the door.






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