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240Z/ L28ET Parts

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I'm parting out essentially my entire L28ET setup.

All parts are in San Diego, CA

I am listing parts individually and negotiable on pricing, if you want a combination of parts I will offer a discount.

Buyer will pay shipping fees

Please see photos of how my setup looked... if you want photos of other parts, please PM me.

L28ET Parts

73' 240z Coolant/Oil temp gauge- $50
L28ET Turbo Oil Feed Line $15.00
Ceramic coated Intake manifold/ Exhaust manifold heatshield- $25
75 N42 Throttle Linkage - $20
Z31 300ZX Distributor- $30
L28ET OEM Turbo Heat Shield (bolts to manifold/brake booster)- $20
L28ET Lower Coolant Inlet - $30
Excel Super Stack Coil $15.00
Lightly Used alternator- internally regulated $35.00

Turbo Valve Cover- Painted SOLD

2.5" MSA DP to 3" straight pipe exhaust $150.00

Z31 300ZX turbo ECU SOLD

NGK Blue Plug Wires #2- SOLD
L28ET Thermostat Housing- SOLD
MSD Blaster 2 coil W/ ignitor $60.00
Turbo Smart Boost gauge SOLD

L28ET Fan/Clutch- SOLD

F54 Short Block W/ front cover/timing components SOLD
P90 Solid Lifter Head W/ stock cam SOLD
L28ET Oil Pan SOLD
Fan Shroud- SOLD
L28ET Oil Pressure Sending Unit SOLD
N42 intake manifold- painted bronze SOLD

L28ET intake manifold- W/ block off plates SOLD
L28ET Throttle Linkage- SOLD
Pallnet barbed fuel rail SOLD
L28ET stock fuel rail - SOLD
L28ET CAS Mounted distributor (CAS Included) SOLD
L28ET (81) Harness modified for Z31 ECU/MAF/CAS SOLD
L28ET Turbo manifold- 2000 degree ceramic coated SOLD
L28ET T3 Turbo (has shaftplay) SOLD

60mm (240sx) Throttle body SOLD
MSA Front Strut tower brace SOLD
MSD Long plug wires (Wrap around front) SOLD
NGK Blue Plug Wires #1 SOLD
HKS EVC 1 electronic boost controller SOLD
Various Stone/Ishino Gaskets- Intake/Exhaust, Valve Cover, Water Pump Etc... SOLD
X3 Sets of valve stem seals- SOLD 

L28ET Throttle Body W/ TPS SOLD

Z31 300ZX CAS Wheel SOLD

Other Parts
X2 Front Strut Tops/Bearings - $50
X2 Ground Control Upper Strut Seat - $20
Miata seat sliders - $30
Newer External Voltage Regulator (L-Series) - $40
Older External Voltage Regulator (L-Series)- $30
240Z Passenger side arm rest $20
240Z rubber steering coupler- $5

AC Parts-
Excellent condition blower motor with original harness $75
Evaporator Case SOLD
AC drier $25
AC controller SOLD
Compressor bracket $20





















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Good evening! I am interested in purchasing the 60mm (240sx) Throttle Body as well as the MSD Long plug wires. Thank you


Thanks for your interest, unfortunately the throttle body is sold and the MSD wires are pending.



Interested in a bunch of this stuff!  I won't be back home and in my garage to sort out exactly what I need until Monday, hopefully you've got some stuff still then!


Sounds good let me know! 

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Yes sir.

The underside is scratched up from scraping but it doesn't leak and doesn't affect performance. One of the sensors is for my wideband that I'll be keeping, the other is a stock ET narrowband sensor that I can include.


It would definitely have to be cut up to be shipped out to you.







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