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Who's s30 with Carbon Fiber Hood Louvers ??? (PIC)

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Hi Guys 


little late to the party but thats my z. 

Its a 240 with an RB25 in it. 

Arizona z car willwoods, and a mix of ttt and arizona z car suspension. 


I prob should put up a build but I'm such a serial lurker. 


The vents are indeed top stage and the made a huge difference we get some pretty hot days here in australia and the vents lowered my average water temp by 10degrees - celcius. 


Top stage makes some awesome stuff i've also got his centre console and carbon rear ducktail spoiler. 


Also freddy is a cool guy, super passionate about his carbon parts.  He drives a z too. 

Check out the Topstage Facebook page he's just put together a new kit for a z its pretty hot. 

I'll put a post in bodykits with a link. 


Heres another photo of my z bonnets (hoods) now matt black don't know why just got out a rattle can one day and i like it. 



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