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Ref: 1972 240Z  daily driver


Brake setup:


  • Front:  1979 Toyota 4x4 pickup  Calipers on solid 240z stock rotors
  • Rear:   1989 240SX calipers on 300zx non-turbo rotors
  • Master cylinder: 1979 15/16 280ZX
  • Booster: 1977 280Z


Since installing this brake system in 2009 I have been experimenting with brake pads:


  • Porterfield R4S:  Poor cold bite in traffic. Removed after  about six months to try Hawk Blues.
  • Hawk Blues:  Poor bite at all temperatures.  Removed after about one month to try Axxis ULT
  • Axxis/PBR ULT Ceramic:  Good cold bite on first stop and in traffic. Ok in traffic and mountain driving. 
  • Carbotech AX6: Excellent cold bite and bite gets better with each stop. After about four stops these pads grab hard.


Carbotech AX6 pads:  Very little pressure on the brake pedal is required with this brake setup. I have smoked the fronts and the car hauls down fast without a hint of brake fade after several hard stops.


At this point I am leaving the Carbotech pads on.


Contact Carbotech to purchase pads:  Ask for club 5% discount.


  • 1979 Toyota 4x4 pickup:  CT137-AX6  $141.00
  • 1989 240SX: CT272-AX6 131.00



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changed master cylinder
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How has the rotor life been? Has any of the pads used cause you observable increased wear on the rotor due to harder compound?


Cool to know there are other options then just the parts store availability.


Installed the pads about three weeks ago so can't advise on rotor wear yet.

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I appreciate the review of the brake pad materials.  I'm curious why you have not gone to a vented front rotor?  That's the main reason I am changing from stock S30 brakes, as I like to drive road courses and brake cooling seems to be important.


My setup will be 280ZX front calipers with turned down Z31 front rotors and Maxima rear calipers with late S130 rotors; I am shooting for a 280ZX-type brake system, so I will also swap in the 15/16 MC and late S130 prop valve.  I would like to report results this summer, but there is so much to do on the car...

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I too have enjoyed this discussion. Switched to Carbotechs (AX6) based on the recommendations of Miles and others here.  Best price plus shipping I found was through THMotorsports. Only got the pads on a couple weeks ago, so nothing to report; but am really looking forward to putting them through the paces.

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