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Brought home my new Z today. It's a 1972 Datsun 240z with JCR body kit on it. This car was completely redone in 1981 by the first owner, and I got the car from the second owner. The car comes with an L24 that's been milled 1mil, with 45 triple webers and a competition header, comp clutch, cam, and frame strengthening. The car was driven up until 91-93 the garaged since I brought it home today. She's going to be a driver for now :)






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Nice time capsule you found there. Take some more shots once you get that 20 years of dust washed off. Amazing how the dust has not been disturbed at all. Hopefully she comes back to life relatively easy for you. ;)

I'm going to give it a proper wash, maybe do some clay bar if the paint isn't too bad. This car was completely restored in 1981, but the paint has tons of chips in it. I may be inclined to get a little respray done at maaco just to have it nice and shiny. Parts are in the mail so I hope to try her out soon when the heat dies down a bit. 111 degrees is no fun.

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