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FS: RB25DE with ITBs and MS3

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I am wanting to go back to a turbo motor and want to sell my current setup. It is running in the car right now, so when someone wants it, I will pull it and ship it. I have shipped freight before, so it won't be an issue.


The details:


08U short block (RB25DE from an R32 GTS25, no VTC)

RB26 Head

RB26 ITB w/ custom velocity stacks

A reworked Kobe exhaust manifold originally for an R33 RB25DE

Megasquirt Version 3

FS5W71C transmission (from an R33 GTS25) w/ modified shifter to accept a Datsun knob

Custom oil pan

Custom engine mounts made from the design of the R32 mounts, (shifter is in stock position)


There are three options for buying in this order. I wont split up the set other than what is stated. The last option is a total solution, about as "drop in" as you can get. The Wiring will be about 95% due to the option you want to go with on fuses and relays to get the ECU to run in the 240z. All the wires will be labeled to allow for easy wiring. This is a running, driving setup. The compression is about 195psi across all cylinders. The motor was put together about 3000 miles ago and has had two oil changes.


Engine only $2000




The full assembled engine

Intake w/ velocity stacks

RB26 444cc injectors w/ resistor

Exhaust Manifold

Wiring harness for MS3

Either the custom mounts or factory R32 RB mounts.

Rear sump oil pan


No other accessories (P/S, A/C)


Engine and transmission $2500


Includes everything from the engine plus:


Transmission with custom cross member

drive shaft for the later 240z (same as the 260z, 280z) made for the custom mounts, R32 mounts use factory 240z driveshaft

Shift lever modified with a Datsun lever to accept the smaller knobs (knob not included)


Engine, transmission, and ECU $3000


Everything above plus:


MS3 with MS3X ECU. There might be more HP after a good tune, but this tune runs well.














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Possibly a more in depth walk around than you posted a month ago. Looks like you have A/C hooked up and you mentioned P/S above. The harness connections that would be left for the new owner to hookup would be helpful too. Have you done anything with it since the 2016 run?

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